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    Discount Store Candy Supplier

    Use our buying power to get factory direct pricing! Increase your sales with the most unique candy products on the market! Whether you need one case or an entire truck load, we can help!

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    Specials and Closeout Candy

    Get deals on manufacturer specials and closeout. These are great opportunities to save money and build significant profit margins!

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    School Fundraising Candy Supplies

    Raise money for your school with our high profit margin unigue candy products that you can't find in stores! Our unique candy products create easy sales. No matter the quantity you need we can serve the needs of your school!

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    Candy Supplier for Concessions

    Increase your sales and profit margins with our "can't resist" candy products and gain the edge on your competitors with our one-of-a-kind candy products that kids want!

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    Party Store Candy Supplier

    Use our "impulse" candy products to increase your sales and profits at the register.

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Candy Manufacturers Over 40 Candy Manufactures with nearly 1000 products

Only a small portion of our products are listed online. Contact us for a complete list!

Welcome to Falcon SalesCandy Supplier for Discount Stores, Dollar Stores, Party Supply Stores, School Fund Raisers, Conscession Stands, Wholesalers and more...

Based in the Phoenix, AZ area, Falcon Sales is a candy and general merchandise supplier to discount stores, dollar stores, party supply stores, school fund raisers, concessions and even wholesalers. With our buying power, we can help you find the best pricing and most unique products available on the market. Whether you need one case or an entire truck load, we can help. Give us a call today to see how we can serve you with factory direct pricing. >> About Falcon Sales

We Help Everyone, Both Large and Small

Falcon Sales works with a multitude of manufacturers specializing in the confection and novelty industries. Our philosophy is to help all our clients with excellent service regardless of size, whether you have a small concession or a large chain of stores we are dedicated to help you find the right candy products for your business or oganization. >> View Candy Products

Fundraising Opportunities

Falcon Sales can also help you if you are a non profit group, consessions, fundraising opportunities, birthday parties, weddings, and othe events where you would like to go direct and save money. >> View Candy Products